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Why We Choose Powder Coatings

We all know that there are various types of coatings such as powder coatings and liquid coatings in the market. But people sometimes prefer to the latter one as they may have some misunderstandings about powder coatings. And in this article, We will discuss and unveil the myths of powder coatings.

Powder coatings in various colors
Powder coatings
Liquid coatings in various colors
Liquid coatings

Powder coatings, firstly used in North American dating back to the late 1960's, have a wide range of advantages in terms of performance, application, cost and environmental concerns as shown below:

  • Thicker coating for better performance
    Normally, the powder coating features the same resistance against corrosion and wear as liquid type in the same thickness. While, powder coatings may be thicker as the liquid coating is easy to run, dip, sag even blister. Meanwhile, powder coatings are characterized by its better mechanical and chemical resistance. Thus, they are more durable with excellent resistance against cracking, peeling, marring even if they are handled and used toughly.
  • A variety of applications
    Our powder coatings are ideal for corrosion-prone applications owing to its excellent anti-corrosion resistance and high thickness. Meanwhile, they are preferred for coating parts with recesses & depressions and covering small surface defects including dimples, machining marks and sharp edges, etc.
  • Easy cleanup & environmental friendly
    It is much easier to clean up over-sprayed powders than liquid type. Normally, we need stripping agents & solvent for cleanup of liquid coatings. In contrast, the powder coating can be easily cleaned up just in way of vacuuming the over-sprayed powders. Most of all, if collected over-sprayed powder is not contaminated, it can be recycled to avoid material waste.
  • Cost saving
    The cost saving property mainly lies in less expensive material with larger covering area. Meanwhile, they are advantageous in terms of labor saving, energy saving, waste disposal as well as air processing, etc.
  • Much more safer material
    Powder coatings are not flammable, will not catch fire let alone give off gas that threatening health of plant personnel. However, liquid coating, as a solvent borne coating, is not as safe as powder coatings.

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