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Adherest Polyethylene Powder

Adherest polyethylene powder, manufactured by Kanglian, is a type of thermoplastic powder based on low density polyethylene (LDPE) with various functional additives for superb adhesion strength to parts. Normally, they are extensively used to cover domestic and industrial wire goods - that is because they provide a smooth and attractive finish coating which is hard enough to withstand tough wear and tear.

Polyethylene powders in various colors are placed in several white plates.
Adherest polyethylene powders in various colors.

Highlight of Adherest

  • Strong adhesion
    We all know that a liquid primer is generally required to be applied between the part and powder coating for adhesion improvement. But our Adherest polyethylene powders break the limitation as they are extremely adhesive. Thus, primer is not needed any more! Additionally, Adherest offers excellent edge protection and superb covering power; thus, it can withstand fierce impact and is not easy to be peeled off.
  • Good mechanical property
    Adherest exhibits excellent impact resistance and wear resistance, that is to say, Adherest powder coating is durable enough to withstand years of tough handle and usage. Meanwhile, it has great corrosion resistance, water and electro-insulating property.
  • High adaptability
    Our Adherest polyethylene powders suit various applications, whether it be indoor or outdoor use. Meanwhile, they also have excellent performance at a lower temperature without compromising thermal stability and resistance against stress crack.
  • Environmental friendly
    Our Adherest polyethylene powders has the similar traits to PVC powders, but is more environmental friendly as it does not release bad fumes during coating process.
  • Long lasting
    Adherest polyethylene powders display a long service time attributing to its good weatherability, UV stability and corrosion resistance. Meanwhile, it efficiently resists to chemicals such as acid, alkali and salt spray.
  • High cost efficient
    Adherest can be applied much thinner than traditional polyethylene powder coatings without exhibiting degradation in integrity. Besides, it eliminates the needs of primers owing to strong adhesion. Thus, Adherest allows for a considerable cost saving on materials. Meanwhile, its longevity enhances cost efficient to the largest extent.

Multiple applications:
Adherest polyethylene powders can be advantages when applied to areas requiring great corrosion resistance. And they perform well in covering metal items, pipelines and various other applications as shown below:

  • Home appliances such as washers and dishwashers.
  • Indoor and outdoor appliance.
  • Battery boxes and clamps.
  • Various types of hardware.
  • Street furniture and sign posts.
  • Vibratory feeders.
  • Wire hangers and book shelf.
  • Metal bicycle baskets.
  • Wire goods such as wire containers and fan guards.
  • Pipelines for oil, gas and water.
A bag of green PE powders in weight of 25kg.
Package of Adherest polyethylene powders


  • Coating method: fluid bed coating.
  • Types:
    • Standard and low temperature solidification type.
    • Different gloss, such as high gloss, semi-gloss and no gloss.
    • Different colors, we also can make the color according to your request or samples.
  • Package: Adherest polyethylene powders are firstly packed into plastic bags to keep the products from contamination and moisture; meanwhile, the plastic bags can effectively avoid powder leakage. And then, they are put into braid bags to maintain its integrity as well as prevent inner plastic bags from damaged by sharp items.
  • Storage:
    • Keep PE powders in a dry and clean place with excellent ventilation and at a temperature lower than 35°C.
    • Although PE powder is fire resistance, it should be stored away from fire, heat and direct sunlight.
  • Notice: Do not mix our PE powders with other companies' products when using.

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