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What can PE and PVC powders do for us?

As the leading company in the field of thermoplastic powders in China, Kanglian can provide the most extensive range of PE and PVC powders. These powders offer excellent corrosion protection and suit a variety of applications as shown below:

Agricultural equipment is coated with our Adherest polyethylene powders to withstand years of abuse.

Agricultural equipment
We all know that agricultural equipment such as drag harrows, cultivators, diggers and bulldozers always take lots of abuse. Thus, a strong and durable coating is needed. Our range of thermoplastic polyethylene powder and PVC powder offers unique properties: high adhesion, flexibility, high degassing property and impact resistance. And these incomparable properties enable these coatings to withstand abuse and to provide excellent rust resistant even a much longer service life.

Home appliance
Home appliances refer to metal baskets, wire hangers, fruit wire baskets, food baskets and various other domestic goods as shown in the right picture. These appliances, as essential parts of daily life, require excellent functionality, smooth surface and smart looks to bright our style and offer positive impact on us. And our thermoplastic powders can offer a pleasing appearance and excellent performance so that they gain good reputation widely among our customers.

Four homes appliances including wire baskets, wire hangers, metal fruit baskets and food baskets that coated with our thermoplastic powder coatings.
Steel fences are coated with black Kingdura PVC powder coating to enhance their weatherability.

Architecture construction
Architecture construction areas, whether it be residential, commercial or industrial applications, have a rigor demand on reliable coating that is extremely corrosion resistant and long lasting. And we are proud to say that our thermoplastic powders will satisfy you and display its high performance, great adhesion strength, pleasing appearance and excellent resistance to weather, impact and abrasion. So they are extensively used to protect windows, doors, facades, ceilings, rails, balustrades and fences, etc.

Automotive applications
Our thermoplastic powders are also recommended for all areas of automotive applications such as wheel trims, small in-mould components, spring, engine block and other applications requiring a high temperature resistance. Meanwhile, they provide a uniform finish with high brightness, superb durability and chemical resistance. In addition, any color is available upon customers' request.

The aluminum trim of a car wheel is black PVC coated.
Several wire mesh shelves are coated with PE powders in gray, red and white.

Nowadays, metal furniture is widely welcomed as it allows for various designs and easy to show owner's taste. Our thermoplastic powders are preferred to cover these furniture for magnificent look and longer service life. In addition, they have excellent resistance against scratch, mar and UV so that they are also perfect for outdoor applications.

Beside above applications, our powder coatings are also can be applied various areas where corrosion resistance and high durability is deeply demanded. If you have no idea whether Adherest or Kingdura powders suit your specific applications, then emails us directly at info@polyethylenepowder.com. We are more than happy to give you some suggestions.