Five piles of polyethylene powders in orange, yellow, purple, green and blue.

Choose optimal coating for corrosion protection

We all know that metal items are prone to rust and corrode without a protective coating. In the market, there are numerous types of coatings such as thermoset or thermoplastic coating, powder or liquid coatings. But we may get confused when we are picking up a suitable one. Worst of all, the coating we choose displays various problems as shown below.

Quality: Easy to crack and get scratched?

Adhesion: Prone to be peeled off once damaged?

Health: Do they have effects on our health?

Life: Only a short service life?

Cost: High price but low cost efficiency?

Choose thermoplastic powder as metal protection coating

As a specialist for supplying thermoplastic powders, Kanglian is capable of solving all above problems. Two types of thermoplastic coatings are supplied by our company: Adherest polyethylene powders and Kingdura PVC powders. But some people may exclaim in surprise: "Why thermoplastic powders?" Here we list simple coating comparisons that may help you reevaluate our thermoplastic powders.

The structure comparison of thermoplastic and thermoset powders.

In left picture, we can see that thermoplastic powders is composed of long chain molecules; while thermoset powders start with short molecules which are cross linked together during curing process. And these different structures impart different properties to these two powders. Briefly, thermoplastic powders are extremely adhesive to substrate and resistant to corrosion, scratch even impacts. Meanwhile, they are recyclable, that is to say, they can be remolded and reshaped to maximum cost efficiency. In contrast, thermoset powders too rigid to withstand fierce impact, in addition, they are not recyclable.

The comparison of piles of powder coatings and barrels of liquid coating.

Powder coatings and liquid coatings in various colors are widely seen in our daily life. Generally, powder coating refers to a type of free-flowing, dry powder that is mainly used to paint metal items to protect them from rust and corrosion. Normally, powder coatings are thicker than conventional liquid type - that is because powder coatings are not easy to run, dip or sag. Meanwhile, powder coatings do not contain solvent so they can be reused if they are not contaminated. In contrast, liquid coatings are unrecoverable and containing solvents, so they may be not as safe as powder coatings.

Why choose Kanglian?

Professional polyethylene powder manufacturer always insists quality is the life of enterprise.

High quality products

Form above comparison, we know that our thermoplastic powders outperform other coatings, not only for excellent performance, but also high cost efficiency. In addition, they are environmental friendly with longer service life.

  • The main advantage of Adherest polyethylene powder lies within its high adhesion strength which makes the coating extremely resistant to impact, mar, scratch even get peeled.
  • Kingdura PVC powder has superb corrosion resistance; thus, it effectively protects metal substrate from rust, especially those in marine and corrosive areas.

Suit your widest needs

Both Adherest and Kingdura can be applied in various areas as shown below:

  • Household appliances.
  • Automotive parts.
  • Bicycle components.
  • Coating of aluminum extrusions.
  • Window trims.
  • Wind powers.
  • Agricultural equipment.
  • Aerospace areas.
  • Interior and exterior furniture.
  • Architecture construction.
  • Metal fence and rails.
  • Food service areas.
  • Goods display, etc.

Excellent service

As one of the largest supplier of thermoplastic powders, Kanglian promise goes far beyond being a supplier. We can provide unsurpassed services including:

  • Help with your custom coating requirements.
  • Large technical teams help you pick up the optimal coatings that suit your needs.
  • Free guidance and advice on thermoplastic coating process and techniques, etc.

If you want to know further information about our thermoplastic powders or discuss your application problems. Please don't hesitate to email us at directly.

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